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Upha Spiro 25mg for acne

Can Upha Spiro 25mg be used to treat acne effectively? Whats the reccomended dosage?


Thank you for your question. I understand your worries regarding your condition.

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For your information, Upha spiro also known as spironolactone is a medication to treat hypertension and fluid retention. This is prescribed medications by doctor. One of the side effect of this medication is to heal acne, but not all type of acne. Hence, not all people can use this medication to treat their acne. According to a research, it can be a good fit for women who:

  • suffer from hormonal acne or breakouts related to their menstrual cycle
  • need systemic acne treatment to address severe acne or acne affecting large parts of the body
  • have acne that is not well-controlled by topical treatments alone
  • want to avoid treating their acne with hormonal birth control
  • and have recurrent acne once oral antibiotics have been discontinued.

I suggest you to speak with a dermatologist to have a better point of view about your acne condition and its treatment.

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