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Excess gas in body …

Hello i am a female 24 years old, i have excessive gas , in which i always passing gas in a day, my stool kinda look like fluffy and float? idk how to explain, but after taking probiotic it looks like normal stooll again, i kept on passing gas but it not worse like before, is it possible because of my digestive issue i notice that my face become dariker/ red dark? sometimes my stomach makes sound and when i get stress and anxious i have stomach pain, but it goes away once i calmed down and not stress anymore, oh and my routine
p/s : i did not excercise and mostly just lay in bed as i stay home always

Greetings, thank you for your question.

I understand your concerns, I will try to help you.

For your information, gas is a part of normal digestive process. Gas pain easily occur when eating foods that more likely to produce gas or change in eating habit. Certain medical conditions also make your gas pain more severe like celiac disease. There are also other symptoms that commonly accompanied gas pain such as:

  • Bloody stools
  • Change in consistency of stools
  • Change in frequency of bowel movements
  • Weight loss
  • Constipation or diarrhea
  • Persistent or recurrent nausea or vomiting

I highly recommend you speak to your doctor regarding your situation to provide you with the safest and best route of care to manage your condition as a whole. You can contact our doctor online for further information and treatment.

I hope this answer helps you. Thank you.

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