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What is the cost of one dosage of dengue vaccination?

Hello Dr, I saw that DoctorOnCall does a dengue vaccination service. But, I am traveling to a country where they also provide dengue shot. I am surveying the price and wondering What is the cost of one dosage of dengue vaccination?

Dr Ramzdhan,

52 days

Hello and thank you for your question.

The cost of dengue vaccination varies depending on factors like the country, manufacturer, and availability through public or private channels. Takeda notes that Qdenga pricing varies by region; for example, in Indonesia, it’s up to 40 USD per dose, in Malaysia, the price is up to RM550, while in Germany, it’s up to 115 USD. Consult healthcare providers, insurers, or Takeda for exact pricing. As of January 2022, Dengvaxia, a prominent dengue vaccine, ranged from $20 to $50 USD per dose in some countries. Prices can change due to government negotiations and distribution costs.

It’s essential to check with local healthcare providers, pharmacies, or public health authorities in your region for the most accurate and up-to-date information on the cost of dengue vaccination. Additionally, in some areas, dengue vaccination may be available free of charge through public health initiatives or vaccination campaigns aimed at preventing the spread of the disease.

For any further enquiries or questions about the operations of dengue vaccine, consult with our doctor on DoctorOnCall for more information.

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