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Hi i am 25 yrs old but i have dark neck, dark knees, dark circles, darkness around my lips. I can see darkness on my forehead…I believe that these are high melanin production or toxins. Is this anything related to liver cleansing. How do I treat this? Can advise any products to purchase from your website? Or can i use activated charcoal powder and apple cider vinegar to treat this?

Hi and than you for asking this question
We understand your concern of having hyperpigmentation of your skin in certain areas and would like to help.
First and foremost,you are advised to seek a dermatologist to confirm your diagnosis.
Do not try to treat these areas with self prescribed products as this can only aggravate the area.
There could be many reasons to the increased tone around different areas of your skin.

  • Sun exposure.
  • Skin inflammation.
  • Melasma.
  • Reactions to drug use.
  • Medical conditions

Therefore we advice you to speak to our doctors online in regards with getting the right diagnosis and to start treatment if it is needed.

We hope our answer was of much help.
Thank you for the question.

Click here to talk to a doctor online.
Get a Dermatologist to help you with your skin’s condition !happy%20doctor

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