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My hand was scalded by boiling water, now it hurts

My hand was scalded by boiling water and it hurts now. The surface of my hand is very red, but there is no broken skin, no blisters, just pain. Because I’ve been putting ice on my hands before

Greetings! Thank you for your question.

We understand your worries regarding your condition. However, due to your limited information, we would not be able to explain what is the problem. It is best to see your attending doctor to ask regarding the issue you are facing.

Hot water scalding can cause pain and damage to the skin from moist heat or vapors. This type of burn can be dangerous because it destroys affected tissues and cells. Your body may even go into shock from the heat.

Many scalds can be treated at home. These first aid tips can help you treat a boiling water burn or injury:

  • Remove the heat source to prevent further injury.
  • Apply cool running water to cool the area for at least 20 minutes. Don’t use ice, iced water, or greasy substances. Keep the person warm during this process to maintain appropriate body temperature.
  • If the burn covers a large portion of the body, don’t submerge yourself in cool water. This could cause you to lose body heat and further aggravate the injury.
  • Remove any jewelry or clothing near the affected area to reduce the temperature on the skin and allow room for swelling. If items are stuck to the burn, don’t remove them. This can cause further damage.
  • Cover the burn with a moist bandage or clean cloth.
  • If possible, elevate the burned area above heart level.
  • Don’t break any blisters.

Scald burns take time to heal. While mild cases can take days, more severe cases can take weeks to fully heal.

If you begin to notice shock symptoms or signs of infection, or if your burn is larger than three inches, seek immediate medical attention

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