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Itchy when force are applied on my skin

Hi doc…
Im a lady in my late 20’s. I have allergy to latex and chlorine. Lately I realized that my body become so itchy when a force is applied to it. For example, my arm become so itchy with burning sensation when my husband hold it too hard. The itchiness can last for hours. I thought it just my husband, so I tried with other ppl and other part of my body like legs and hands too. The outcome was same. The harder they hold me, the more intense the burning sensation & the itchiness. Should I worry bout it?

Hi thank you for contacting us,

We truly understand your concern regarding the itchy and burning sensation that can last for hours, that are usually triggered after a deliberate or spontaneous force is applied to the area. The symptoms also being felt in other parts of the body such as the legs and hands. Don’t worry, we will try to help you.

For your information, itchiness, burning and pain that is felt across the body’s surface, typically after external pressure or stimulus is presented, can be associated with many problems, such as

  • ongoing allergic reaction
  • eczema
  • psoriasis

Nevertheless, it may also be a sign of other serious underlying diseases that would also require immediate attention, such as

  • postherpetic neuropathy
  • fibromyalgia
  • shingles

You are also encouraged to talk to our doctor online so that we can help you further.

We hope you will be satisfied with our answer.

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