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My daughter is 10 years old but her height is not according to her age and underweight

I have been frequently consulting with doctors from last few years because she was under height and weight since few years as compared to growth chart. Hei bone age is a year less than her age. Her growth Harmon stimulation test is good. Vitamin D3 level is good but still she is not growing properly. When ever I went to doctors they always recommend some multivitamin and calcium supplements along with good food. But she is still not growing.

Greetings, thank you for your question.

We understand that you are concerned about your daughter’s height and weight. We will try to help.

For your information, there are many factors that can influence a child’s growth. On top of good and balanced nutrition in their diet, being active is also good for muscle and bone development.

From your explanation, you have brought your daughter to the doctor and the tests came up normal.
If you are still worried about her growth, I would suggest you see a paediatrician for further assessment.

You can contact us to speak to our doctor online, or arrange an appointment for a specialist consult.
I hope this answer helps you.
Thank you.

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