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Baby 3-month sleep pattern at night

Hi.My baby is 3-month old now.Is it okay for me to let her sleep at night 12 pm-7 am without milk?because i tried to wake her up but she will get mad and end up not drink milk.she drink about 18 oz per day and weight 5.74kg

Hi and thank you for contacting us,

We truly understand your concern regarding your 3-month old baby’s sleeping and feeding pattern, especially when she would end up sleeping for 7 hours without milk. We will try to help you.

For your information, as babies get older, they will tend to feed less often and sleep for a longer period at night. A baby is probably eating enough if they:

  • seems to be content, alert and active
  • growing and developing
  • steadily gaining weight
  • is wetting and defecating on a regular basis

However, refusing to feed whilst at the same time, having a problem in gaining weight for example, might be a serious sign that requires immediate attention by a paediatrician.

With that being said, you are encourage you to talk to our doctor online so that we can help you better.

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