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My Child weight is abnormal

My child is 2 years 2 months…and a weight is only 8.55kg…Is it a normal weight to my child? He didn’t like to eat rice, and drink formula milk.

Thank you for your question.

From the statement above, we understand your concern about your child’s wellbeing especially his weight. We will try to help you.

For your information, 8.55kg for 2 years 2 months old is below the 5th percentile of normal according to Malaysia’s children growth chart. This means that the weight of your child is under the range of normal.

Here are some useful tips you may try:

  • Try to keep track of the food that they like
  • Put new food to the next one that they already know
  • Prepare different type of healthy food daily
  • Cook meals together with your child
  • Do not show disgust on trying new food

For further information or health advice, we suggest for you to contact your doctor or our doctors via online consultation.

Give your little ones the medical attention they need. Speak to a pediatrician to discuss your child’s health problems.

We hope this answer helps you.
Thank you.

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