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Tight chest, shortness breath, minty throat

Hi doctor, i’m a female, 24 years old, 157cm with 56kg. Whenever i jog, i would feel ‘tight’ in my chest. It’s like an attack as it would happen 10 minutes from the start of the jog and last for few seconds before it happened again ±15 minutes later. Before that, i had asthma when i was a child and my last asthma attack was when i was 14. Lately, i’m feeling shortness in breath but not severe. And i also feel tired easily. i’ve already went to the doctor and my blood pressure is normal and the doctor also could not detect any wheezing, odd sounds from my lungs, which per said that, i’m normal. However right now i feel ‘minty’ in my throat and upper chest. I do not have cough but i cough just to get more air to breathe, as i feel like i’m not breathing enough. I’m not sure if i supposed to see doctor again as everything was okay the last time i went for check up, which was a week ago. I need second opinion from here. Thank you doctor.

Hello and thank you for addressing your concern.

According to your statement, we believe a secondary thorough clerking, investigation and examination needs to be done first in order to clearly understand what we are facing at the moment. Correspondingly, the given information by you might only touched the surface of an underlying problem.

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However due to your history of asthma during childhood, it is always possible to have a recurrent attack during adulthood. However, your symptoms might also caused by various health condition such as:

  • involuntary muscle contracture triggered during exercises
  • lack of warming up prior to exercise
  • exercising over the bodies limit
  • other medical condtion

in addition, it could also be triggered by

  • minor psychological reflexes
  • anxiety disorder
  • panic attack
  • or other psychiatrical disorder

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With that being said I hope you would take the extra initiative to contact our doctor using this link (DoctorOnCall) in order to maximise the help that you can get.


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