2 years

WPW chronic illness for heart

I’m a 35 year old male, working adult with a healthy lifestyle yet my recent full body check up (ECG, ultrasound and etc) showed that I’m suffering from WPW chronic illness. What can i do about it?? Do I need to refer to a specialist?? Need advice.

Dr Ramzdhan,

2 years

Thank you for your query.

We understand that you have recently undergone a full body check-up and found out that you are suffering from Wolff-Parkinson-White (WPW) Syndrome. We will try to help you out.

For your information, WPW Syndrome is a common congenital heart condition that is due to an extra electrical pathway in your heart. This will often result in periods of tachycardia (increased heart beats). Most people with this heart condition often have no symptoms or mild symptoms occurring occasionally. We advise you to refer to a specialist for further advice regarding your problem. You can contact our specialist online for a private consultation regarding this matter.

We hope that this answer has been helpful.
Thank you.

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