3 years

Discomfort and rapid heartbeat frequently

My husband frequently feeling discomfort n rapid heartbeat at left side of the chest since 3 weeks ago. HE is 43 years old now. Active smoker. What might be the cause?

Hello and thank you for addressing your concern.

According to your statement, we believe a thorough clerking, investigation and examination needs to be done first in order to clearly understand what we are facing at the moment. Correspondingly, the given information by you might only touched the surface of an underlying problem.

Nonetheless, we sincerely understand your concern with your husband’s current discomfort. Generally, these symptoms can be caused by:

  • Extreme fatigue
  • Underlying heart disease
  • Thyroid gland abnormalities
  • Early symptoms & complications of chronic smoking
  • Other disorder that needs further evaluation by a certified clinician

With that being said I hope you would take the extra initiative to contact our doctor using this link (DoctorOnCall) in order to maximise the help that you can get.
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