3 years

Irregular heartbeat

19 yrs old male

Around 3 month ago, can hear heartbeat and feel the pulse in upper body during sleep occasionally. Can ignore if intended.

The day before yesterday, awaken halfway during sleep, couldn’t flex the thoracic part of vertebrae. Feeling like the vertebrae disc is worn off. Any change in position involving movement of vertebra like turning sideways result in a funny pain(never experience before) and discomfort. Massaged with some oil. Symptom relieved a little only by the next day. Possible to ignore the discomfort today.

Yesterday experience sneezing in the morning & afternoon (has history of allergy to dust), feeling a bit weak in evening & night (like pre-flu symptom).

Yesterday hand shaking while holding spoon during dinner. Previously ever notice this phenomenon once. Did not cause any problem.

Yesterday during afternoon nap and night time, when lying on left side (like recovery position in basic life support), can feel the heart pushing against the ribs strongly. Any other position merely results in a slightly buffered effect, but can still feel the heavily pounding heart in chest.

Regardless of sleeping position/posture, can hear the heartbeat very clearly, both head and upper extremities can feel the pulse really strongly. When muscles are fully relaxed, head and upper extremities vibrate with each pulse, like after heavy exercise. Can feel the blood gushing after each pulse. Can detect pulse in left middle finger easily (lateral side, close to thumb).

Couldn’t sleep at all last night due to the disturbance and distractions caused by:

  1. feedback from intercostal muscle (being pressed by heart during each heartbeat)
  2. the vibration of head & upper extremities following each heartbeat
  3. the loud and clear heartbeat.

Heart rate fluctuate between 76-84 constantly even when sleep. Since 3 months ago, most of the time is either standing(for 1-2 hr during cooking), or sitting (few hrs straight during study). No exercise other than walking. Can see veins on dorsal surface of foot clearly.

Experience fungal infection since a few weeks ago. Symptoms include change in colour and texture of affected skin, extreme itchiness and bleeding from scratching. Pharmacist suggest parasite infection as alternative for the fungal infection. Affected area is dorsal part of foot and scrotum.

Recurrence of “bloody hole” (a pimple like structure but doesn’t protrude much from skin, occurs in clusters, when cut open the surface covering result in transparent fluid discharge and a bloody hole behind. No blood unless squeezed) in left side of foot (below ankle) since a few weeks ago. (last occurrence is around half a year ago, lasted for a year, only affects left foot, migratory from ventral surface of big toe, to second toe, to midline of both lateral side of foot. Resides automatically without obvious intervention)

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