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Sleeping problem at night. Very difficult to sleep early

Hi I’m 32 years old man. Recently i suffer sleeping problem at night. i do exercise 4-5 days at least 30 min and eat healthy. Right now during lockdown most of the time stay home with mobile. So whats the problem for sleeping? i lunched around 10-11 pm

Hi and thank you for this question,we understand you are experiencing sleeping problems and we would like to help.

First and foremost, do have dinner earlier as this could cause the sleeping problems.

Apart from that try switching off your phones 30 minutes before bed to rest your eyes.

Causes of sleep problems could be related to excessive caffeine intake and extreme stress.

There are are other issues of psychiatric in nature,medication intake and some health related issues too that could cause this.

Try improving your sleep hygiene by
these few more tips

  • Learn a few relaxation techniques

  • Use your bed only for sleep and sexual activities.

  • Trying falling a sleep consistently at the same time every day.

  • Avoid evening naps

  • avoid nicotine if you are consuming.

I hope these answers were of much help.
You can always talk to our doctors online for further information.
Thank you.

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