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Status HALAL of gelatin BOVINE

im muslim i take vitahealth crowning Glory Extra for hair loss.i see 1 theie use gelatin form bovine. bovine cow or pig . halal or not. thank you.

Thank you for your question.

Based on the statement above, you wanted to know the halal status of bovine gelatine usage on supplement. We will try to help you.

For your information, bovine stands for cattle or cow. This factor alone cannot determined whether the supplement is Halal or not. The animal product obtained must be in accordance with JAKIM’s guideline and authentic Halal certificate will usually be shown on the box of the supplement. If there’s no Halal certification despite using bovine gelatine, it is unlikely that the product is Halal.

Before taking a supplement it is crucial to check with the National Pharmaceutical Regulatory Agency . If the product is not listed in the website, it is not safe for consumption. There might be dangerous chemical compound in the supplement.

Moreover, if you have underlying medical condition do consult with your doctor or our online specialist on whether the supplement is suitable for you. I hope the answers are helpful.
Thank you.

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