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Taking a beauty supplement for women health. Product known as PINKLADY BODY PERFECTION

My concern is as a woman almost early 30 years and married do you think we need to eat supplement to maintain inner beauty heath? i got buy some product claim to be good for women that contains herbs like Pueraria Mirifica and other herbs ingredient. so want do you concern about this supplement?do you think we need to take it or just depend on heathy diet and lifestyle?


Thank you for your question.

For your information, If you are healthy and eat a well-balanced diet based on the Malaysian Food Pyramid, supplements are not necessary (unless you are pregnant or when your doctor or dietitian prescribes them). If you need to take supplements, please check with your doctor or dietitian. Excessive dosage of supplements can be harmful. Please follow the Recommended Nutrient Intakes (RNI) for Malaysia.

Before using any supplements, you need to check if the product is registered with National Pharmaceutical Regulatory Agency (NPRA).

If you have other questions related to your health issues, you can talk to our doctor online. Thank you.

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