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Hiv test kit done twice and the results were negative

Hello doctors. I’m 29 years old female have questions regarding HIV test kit. So once i asked a question here based on regarding topic, where i did a test when i was 8 years old and the result are -ve but it was very long time ago. I was advised for another test and i chose home test kit. Did first on 28/9/2021, the result-single line on C which i believe was -ve. And exactly 33 days after, on 31/10/2021, i did another and i got same result-single line on C. So the question is do i need to do another or gets myself check at hospital? I didn’t do any risky thing, but both my parent died because of THIS illness. Hoping for a clarification. Thanks a lot.


Thank you for choosing us to get an opinion regarding your health issues.

Based on your explanations, you did the HIV test twice and both result showed negative. You are curious if you need to repeat the test again.

For your information, because you had done the test twice, so the result may be accurate for you not having HIV. But, I prefer you to get a confirmation with the doctor.

So I advice you to refer to a doctor to get an exact information about your situation. You can also have an online consultation with our doctors to get more information and further treatments. Thank you.

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