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Can You Get HIV From Breast Milk?

Hi there, I knew that an HIV-positive mother can transmit HIV to her baby any time during breastfeeding. May I know if there is any HIV risk involved for nipple sucking on lactating woman?

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Based on your question, I understand that you are worry about your problem. I will try to help you.

For your information, HIV can be transmitted through body fluids such as blood, semen, rectal fluid, vaginal fluid, and breastmilk. The fluid must have a direct contact with the mucosal layer or body tissue that was damage or been injected directly into the bloodstream. Mucosal layer can be found in the rectum, vagina, penis and mouth.

If the person has a damage mucosal layer and then he sucked the nipple of lactating woman with HIV positive, he will has a high risk for getting the HIV infection.

So, I advice you to refer to a doctor for more information. You can also have an online consultation with our doctors for more information and further treatment.

I hope this answer will help you. Thank you.

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