2 years

The Accuracy Of HIV Result After 1 Year

Last exposure (oral sex) : 25 Jun 2020

After 1 year and 4 months (26 October 2021) without expose with any risky acitivity, I took HIV lab test and the result was HIV ag/ab screening CMIA : non reactive

Should I take another HIV lab test to make sure I dont have any HIV virus within my body? Is the result that I get beyond the window period was conclusive?

Hello and good evening
Thank you for your question.

Based on your question, I understand that you are worry about your problem. I will try to help you.

Based on your test, your result is HIV negative. You also said that your last exposure was 1 year and 4 months ago. The result was valid and you do not have to take another HIV lab test anymore.

Therefore, I advise you to refer to a doctor for a proper treatment. You can also have an online consultation with our doctors for more information and further treatments.

I hope this answer will help you. Thank you.

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