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HIV testing accuracy

I am a 27 years old guy, exposed to HIV in 2018. I took blood test in 2020 including HIV test at BP lab and it show negative. My concern is whether the result accurate or not. Can HIV still detectable after 2 years of exposure? I’m aware about the window period. But real concern is whether HIV still detectable via blood test after 2 years or more? Thanks.

Ps: I was exposed to HIV when I was helping my friend who involved in car accident. I accidentally touch his blood with my hand where I got injury in hand. (Saya ada luka dekat tapak tangan saya yang juga berdarah).

Thanks in advance

Hello, thank you for your enquiry.

We understand you have been exposed to HIV through blood contact in 2018. You have then done a blood test for HIV last year where it showed negative. For your information, there are many tests available to detect HIV in blood, such as :

  • nucleic acid test (NAT) : this test can detect the virus 10-33 days post-exposure
  • antigen/antibody test: this test can detect the virus 18-45 days after exposure
  • antibody test: this test will detect the virus 23-90 days after exposure

If you have been infected by HIV, antibody towards that virus will remain in your body and can be detected after 2 years. You shouldn’t be worried as your latest test results showed negative.

You may consult our doctors online for a more detailed explanation.

We hope this answer has been helpful. Thank you.

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